White Paper – Acme Packet SBC Future Vision

 WHITE PAPER-ACME SESSION BORDER CONTROLLER FUTURE VISION PDF- In an increasingly competitive world, there is much at stake for service providers as they look towards the future. The networks that will power future generation IP services must be architected to deliver high-octane user experience with iron-clad security. They must appeal to new as well as existing subscribers while minimizing cost and they must have the flexibility to expand and adapt with shifting market dynamics. Session border controllers (SBCs) will play a major role in these networks.

The vast majority of SBC deployments to date have leveraged systems designed specifically to perform SBC functions. These SBC platforms combine purpose-built processing with tight integration of signaling and media controls in a single network element. The question going forward is whether that approach will continue to satisfy the requirements of future-generation services. SBC vendors offering platform designs and deployment models that compete against integrated purpose-built SBCs claim that their approaches are more scalable, more flexible, or both. In all cases, they claim that their solutions make better sense economically. In the end, however, the most successful SBC vendor will be the one best able to deliver a range of platform choices and deployment models along with comprehensive SBC features that can solve all of the complex challenges that lie ahead for service providers.

There are use cases that may benefit from alternative SBC deployment models or platform designs. But the majority of future generation services will continue to be best served by a new breed of integrated purpose-built SBC. These new platforms will deliver the boost in performance, capacity and throughput necessary to address increasingly diverse requirements at both the access edge and interconnect borders.

This White Paper will review this vision of the role of SBCs in advanced platform designs and hopefully assist SPPs in understanding the direction that VoIP Logic is considering in improving and expanding their core infrastructure.

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