Gartner Magic Quadrant for UC Report

Gartner’s annual “Magic Quadrant for UC” report was released last month, with a detailed and informative summary of developments in Unified Communications over the past year, a list of leading companies in different areas, and predictions for the future.

Broadband Industry Tries Again to Kill Net Neutrality and Title II

Following federal judges’ decisions six weeks ago to uphold net neutrality rules, broadband industry groups are seeking an ‘en banc’ review of the decision by the DC Circuit Court.  Their claims question the FCC’s right to regulate Broadband providers as standard carriers, but are predicted by observers to fail, even in the event that they reach the Supreme Court.

Meucci Solves the Problem of Expensive International Phone Calls

This article discusses Meucci, an interesting new mobile application which allows for international calling to conventional telephone numbers without international charges.  The app achieves this by making a local, conventional call to a VoIP Server that places the call, reversing the process and dialling the second party’s local number from a VoIP Server on the other end.

Broadband Internet Will Become a Legal Right Under New EU Telecoms Rules

Under new rules, the EU Telecom Regulator will make broadband access a legal right, while removing some older communications tools like public pay phones from the guaranteed service list.  The move is likely to trigger opposition from EU governments, however, since the plan calls for the governments — rather than private Service Providers — to pay for the necessary service expansions.

Barclays Bank Rolls Out Voice Recognition Security

Barclays Bank is now employing voice identification technology for telephone banking, in a first for a major commercial bank.

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