Vonage CEO on the Company’s Master Plan

Alan Masarek, CEO of Vonage, discusses the future trajectory of his company, which is currently undergoing a radical transition from pure residential/consumer VoIP to Business VoIP, as well as his belief in the promise of Unified Communications as a Service.

This App Lets You Call Any Number on the Planet – For Free

Another consumer mobile app is bypassing international calling fees and allowing mobile phone users the ability to call any number in the world — mobile or landline — at local rates.  Combined with the new app Meucci, which performs a similar function, CallPal is pointing towards the ways in which VoIP promises to truly disrupt the traditional telecom voice model.

Why Telcos are Going to Smash the Google and Facebook Duopoly

An interesting — and contrarian — take on Verizon’s recent acquisition of Yahoo, which argues that it is part of a new grand strategy on the part of traditional telecoms to leverage their infrastructure and user-data advantages to take a bigger piece of the advertising pie.

Why VoIP Security is Crucial for Organizations

As more and more enterprises and Service Providers adopt VoIP communications, the attack surface for the technology is expanding and IT and security professionals are struggling to keep pace with the growing array of threats.  This article goes into detail about why VoIP security is so important to organizations.


IP-based communications providers feel themselves under threat as the European Commission considers regulating WhatsApp and Skype in a revamp of telecom legislation slated to take place later this year.

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