Threat Intelligence Report for the Telecommunications Industry

Kaspersky Labs has released a new report on IT security risks facing telecom, covering the main threat categories — DDoS, network and device exploits, subscriber targeting and insider attacks — one-by-one, and illustrating them with recent examples.

Cyber-Criminals Turning to Insiders to Attack Telecoms

In a similar vein, this article from ITProPortal details how cybercriminals — and even nation-state sponsored attackers — are increasingly focusing on insiders (disgruntled employees or blackmail victims) as a means to compromise telecoms’ security.

Contracting UC Industry Could Benefit Buyers

The Unified Communications Industry is currently undergoing a cyclical contraction, reflected in a rise of mergers and consolidations, while cloud-based services mature and grow in sophistication.  This process, where competition in a consolidating market drives down prices for maturing services, is set to benefit buyers of cloud-based communications services. is Poised to Dominate Real-Time Voice and Video Apps

A company called is set to challenge Twilio, offering an API and SDK that allow developers to plug HD-voice and video communications directly into their applications, and already has a strong presence in China.

Fiber Optic ‘Super Cycle’: Raising the Speed Limit on the Gigabahn’s Last Mile

A convergence of factors — China’s overhauling of its telecom backbone, Verizon and AT&T’s attempts to develop US fiber-optics, among others — could be leading to a ‘Super Cycle’ in the telecom industry, particularly for companies involved in fiber-optics.

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