What Does IoT Mean for MNOs?

An interesting piece from CoolNerd on what kind of infrastructure demands the predicted explosion of networked devices will place on Mobile Network Operators, and how they can best prepare.

FCC to Phone Companies: Offer Free Robocall Blockers

FCC Chair Tom Wheeler has sent letters to large Telephony Service Providers “strongly urg[ing]” them to offer Robocall-blocking services to their customers, amid continuing assertions by some SPs that such blockers are technically infeasible or prohibited by law.

Microsoft Kills P2P Skype and Native OSX Linux Clients

Microsoft has placed current Skype for OS X and Linux builds on the end of life list as it announces plans to switch from peer-to-peer to more traditional Cloud-centric server-client architecture.

Skype’s Evolution at MS may Hint at Plans for LInkedIn

An interesting piece from the Seattle Times suggesting that Microsoft’s treatment of Skype — absorbing a large user-base, leaving it alone and integrating the service in the Office Suite — may point towards the Software giant’s plans for recently-acquired LinkedIn.

VoIP Services Is Expected to Reach 348.5 mln Subscribers by 2020

This market analysis report outlines the factors driving the adoption of VoIP around the world, and predicts that the technology will reach 348.5 million subscribers with revenues of 136.76 USD by 2020.

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