5G Networks: State of the Industry

This useful, high-level report provides an overview of the current state of 5G technology and infrastructure, as well as potential future use-cases for the technology in industrial IoT, hyper-connected ‘smart-cities’ and more.

Telecoms try to lure back the cord-cutters with internet-based TV

This article discusses how IPTV (Internet Protocol Television), which allows television owners to stream their programming over the internet rather than through traditional cable or dish equipment, may offer a reprieve for big cable providers, whose customers are abandoning traditional cable packages.

Intel and SK Telecom team up on WebRTC IoT devices

Chip-maker Intel and South Korean telecom Service Provider SK Telecom have announced that they are joining forces to produce IoT devices with out-of-the box WebRTC capabilities

Is Email Dead?

This interesting article assesses the forces behind the rise of business messaging and concurrent decline of email in the workplace.  What future, if any, does email have in the enterprise?

Google, Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, AT&T and Others Join Strike Force to Clamp Down on Robocalls

Google, Apple, Microsoft, Samsung and other companies met with the FCC on 19 August to establish the framework for the development and deployment of tools to counter robocalling.

Why are We Still Working in Offices

Jon Arnold looks at how changing attitudes towards work among millennials — namely, a focus on work itself rather than the location where it’s performed — are facilitated by developments in Unified Communications that make working remotely much easier.

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