Voice is Chat’s Next Battleground

A fascinating article from TechCrunch predicting that advances in the accuracy of voice recognition software mean that messaging applications will soon all incorporate intelligent voice recognition software, changing how we interact with them and our devices.

How Drone Usage Will revolutionize the Telecom Industry

As technological capabilities of Unmanned Aerial Devices (AKA Drones) improve, they could provide the telecom industry with a cost effective means of maintaining critical infrastructure.

Twilio Acquires Kurento and Launches Voice Insights for Monitoring WebRTC Performance

Twilio has announced its first post-IPO acquisition, relating to proprietary WebRTC technologies, that will be incorporated into Twilio’s new Voice Insights service, which allows developers to monitor the network and device performance of their WebRTC calls and programmatically take actions based on this feedback.

Unified Communications: Top 100 Influencers and Brands

This report maps out the top 100 Influencers and Brands in the Unified Communications space, listing them and their connections and providing analysis of their views on some of the most pressing topics in the industry today.

Why Is American Internet So Slow

This article takes a historical approach to answering this question, walking through past networks and ultimately arguing that lack of competition in provisioning internet over the “last mile” in telecom networks is keeping speeds low.

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