3 Tips Before Transitioning to Unified Communications

In spite of the demonstrated benefits of Cloud-based Unified Communications, surveys show that many Service Providers remain worried about this transition.  This helpful article provides three tips for SPs on how to prepare for and optimize the transition.

TPG to Buy RCN Telecom Services and Grand Communications for 2.25bln

TPG, a private-equity firm, has agreed to Purchase two small cable providers in what is considered to bet on demand for faster internet connections and internet video.

Verizon Transforms to Contend in Silicon Valley

This short discussion touches upon a number of Verizon’s recent purchase of Yahoo and the telecom giant’s plans to become an advertiser to compete with the likes of Google and Facebook.  However, don’t expect a complete transformation any time soon.

Google Launches Cross-platform Challenge to Facetime

Google has launched it’s simple video-calling application Duo, which was first announced at the I/O conference several months ago.  The app is designed for one-to-one personal use, and is a direct challenger to Apple’s Facetime.

Trouble in the Cloud: More than Half of Organizations Facing Security Woes

In a recent report, more than half of organizations polled indicated that they had experienced a compromising security event related to unauthorized external sharing (through non-IT-approved cloud-storage applications) or access by unauthorized devices.  This article discusses how this ‘Shadow IT’ affects enterprise security and can be addressed by proper end-point monitoring.

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