Telecoms Win as EU Takes Tougher Line on Skype, WhatsApp

The Wall Street Journal reports on the European Union’s plan to propose subjecting IP-based voice and chat communications platforms (Skype, WhatsApp, etc.) to some of the same rules that govern the telecom industry, in a victory for telecoms.

How Platforms Can Turn Telcos in Kings Again

Although telecom service providers have suffered as mobile connectivity has become ubiquitous, Simon Carpenter writes that telecom’s control over billing relationships, network infrastructure and customer data provide them with valuable leverage in creating new consumer oriented communications platforms.

Google Acquires Cloud Software Company APiGee Corp

Alphabet’s Google has announced its acquisition of cloud software company Apigee Corp in a deal valued at $625 million.  Apigee’s software helps its business users’ digital services interact with other applications, and the purchase is part of Google’s recent efforts to move into the cloud business.

VoIP Encryption Urged Outside and Inside your Network

As VoIP spreads among organizations seeking to replace legacy PBX systems, it is increasingly exposed to the security risks inherent to IP-based data transfer, not only on the public internet, but also on local- and wide-area networks.  Security analysts and engineers recommend encryption inside and outside of the organization’s network to mitigate this risk.

5G Tech: Which Country Will Be the First to Adapt

This article provides a high-level, country-by-country review of how nations are laying the groundwork for 5G networks.

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