VoIP Logic works within an eco-system of different types of technology and services that are consumed by telephony service providers and other carriers and services providers that sell Hosted PBX. It is important that we are affiliated with an eco-system of providers of services to VoIP service providers – it facilitates better inter-operation and ease of use for the service provider. We are, also, always looking for partners technology partnerships where we can provide a technology as part of an integrated managed service.

Listed are various Eco-System Partners.  Managed Systems are technology partners.

Network Services

Network Intelligence

Network Intelligence is a tenured single source provider of managed wholesale carrier services. Our SIPSelect Service is the most flexible and cost effective solution in the industry today. Integrate your existing carrier(s) into a managed service, create your network solution by selecting from over 40 carriers delivered directly to your platform(s) or routed through the N.I. managed redundant switching layer for ease of access, flexibility and survive-ability. N.I. works with your technical and financial staff to determine the best combination of unique capabilities which we leverage to help you deliver the technical and cost savings dictated by your business plan.’s network offering (formerly Dash CS) is among the leading, single-entity providers of Tier-one emergency services and wholesale carrier voice solutions. As a one-stop shop,’s network services provide a complete set of high-quality offerings that address the needs of both emerging VoIP service providers and established voice carriers.

911 Enable

911 Enable provides e911 funtionality for service providers offering residential VoIP solutions or hosted PBX systems for corporate users. VoIP Logic has automated E911 provisioning for use with Cortex OSS.

OneStream Networks

OneStream Networks is a managed IP services provider specializing in nationwide enterprise-grade IP communications for mid-market businesses and resellers. OneStream offers end-to-end enterprise-grade network facilities that tightly complement VoIP Logic’s technology platform.


Atlantax Systems

Atlantax has been a leader in the area of outsourced tax compliance since 1991. Atlantax focuses on sales, use and transactional tax compliance within the telecommunications arena.

The CommLaw Group

The CommLaw Group is a full service Washington, D.C.-area law firm serving the comprehensive legal needs of the communications industry. With experienced in all aspects of federal and state telecommunications law and regulation, including the taxation of communications services