The VoIP Logic UC-One Unified Communication Soft Client in combination with our core platform, provides our Service Provider Partners (SPPs) with a significantly expanded Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) offering for their commercial customers. The VoIP Logic UC-One Soft Client can be implemented across nearly all mobile (tablets & smart mobile devices) and computer platforms (Desktops and Laptops), including Windows (Mobile and PC), Mac, iOS and Android devices.

At the cUC-One Desktop 21.5ore platform, the soft clients are managed by high availability and geographically redundant server infrastructure that provides Instant Messaging  (XMPP based) servers as well as screen-sharing server technology.

The UC-One Soft Client uses the stability and reliability of the VoIP Logic  Hosted PBX platform to answer the increasing need for commercial customers to expand their traditional telephony solutions to an easily deployed single application communications platform that allows access to HD quality voice and video, instant messaging, presence and group sharing/collaboration applications, all using the same fully integrated phone number and user identity. This extension of the UCaaS platform will allow commercial customers to experience a true UC experience which will, in turn, increase their productivity, efficiency and security in their internal business communications and offer Service Provider’s a great upsell opportunity that will increase ARPU without equipment upgrades or difficult new support requirements.

What will VoIP Logic’s Unified Communications Client Software integrated features actually do for commercial customers?

The UC-One Soft Client supports a number of features that an SPP’s commercial customers will find invaluable including:

uc-one_tablet_v20-0-060614-One Identity – Customers have one identity across all services: voice, video, instant messaging & presence, along with group sharing and collaboration capabilities.

-Access from any device – Access all of the customer’s communications services from any device, including the customer’s desk phone, MAC or PC desktop, laptop, smartphone and tablet.

-Synchronized call logs, buddy lists and service settings – All the customer’s preferences are stored in the core VoIP Logic platform and synchronized with the software on the customer’s device when a customer logs into via VoIP Logic’s Soft Client.

-HD (High Definition voice and video) – Voice and video calls are enhanced with the highest quality HD voice and video capabilities available for IP based peer-to-peer communications.

-Complete mobility – Move from device to device without interrupting calls – customers can start a call on their desk phone – and seamlessly move to their laptop, tablet or mobile device and back.

-Supports integrated HD Voice and Video, Chat, Presence, Conferencing and Collaboration, Screen and Application Sharing and browser guest client support, all from a secure, reliable platform. UC-One is the complete Unified Communications package.