The cornerstone of SmartSource is VoIP Logic’s Technical Assistance Center (TAC) which provides expert product knowledge for engineering and network management support in English and Spanish 24x7x365 coverage. VoIP Logic’s engineering staff provides issue isolation, replication & resolution, customer education and operations administration and monitoring services.

VoIP Logic’s knowledge base contains over 600 published articles and solutions. Customers can access TAC via web-based portal, E-mail or telephone to report issues, obtain status on existing cases, or to speak to one of our VoIP Systems Engineers about product usage and operation.


  • Access to VoIP Logic Technical Services 24x7x365.
  • Access via web-portal, E-mail and phone.
  • Active Customer Profile in VoIP Logic system.
  • Multilingual Support: English, Español.
  • Issue severity qualification.
  • Accelerated Service Level Agreements (SLA’s).
  • Collection and analysis of files, logs, traces, screenshots etc.’
  • Issue isolation, replication, resolution and recommendations.
  • Recreate reproducible scenarios for troubleshooting.
  • Expert product knowledge for system operation.
  • Level II technical support from VoIP Logic Solutions Group.
  • Call flow and protocol analysis.
  • Perform system audits and system administration.

Outsourced Operations

VoIP Logic’s outsourced network management services provides carriers with 24x7x365 access to a solutions expert for provisioning, operation, maintenance and administrative tasks and day-to-day network operations on-demand. VoIP Logic Engineers execute a range of tasks from provisioning of routes to testing with new carriers and vendors.

In addition, VoIP Logic will perform periodic maintenance checks on the solution and report findings to ensure optimum health of the network. Active monitoring of network elements and systems, notification alerts and proactive response provided added measures to ensuring maximum network availability for service providers and carriers.