Privacy Policy

VoIP Logic is committed to protecting the privacy of all information we collect from our survey participants and from all other research participants. This policy applies to all personal and company information that we collect or use in the course of conducting our business.

Survey and Research Information

We treat all information we receive from survey and research participants as confidential and do not use the information for any purpose other than to create anonymous market research reports and to better understand the market we serve. We keep participant information secure at all times, and prevent the use and disclosure of it by our employees to any third parties organizations outside of VoIP Logic.

All responses to our research are completely confidential. We collect data in our studies for internal market research and marketing purposes only, and our use of information will be limited to that purpose. Research participant answers will not be used by any external entity as an aid for sales nor will it be sold or otherwise distributed.

Survey participation is voluntary.

We do not rent, sell or give personal information to any third party for the purpose of directly marketing any products or services. In no case will we share personal information with any third parties outside of VoIP Logic.

We use Constant Contact to manage emails and other distribution of survey participation requests, announcements of more available information and other VoIP Logic only announcements.  At their request, anyone who has provided email data has the immediate option to remove their information from our distribution list or to otherwise change their consent status.