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VoIP Logic’s Platform-as-a-Service offerings use Genband’s S3/Quantix — the legacy NexTone Session Border Controller (SBC) — for VoIP network peering. Carriers and service providers that use GenBand technology through VoIP Logic tend to value the enhanced Level 1 and Level 2 engineering support, the option to use a stand-alone rather than a partitioned system, the ‘on demand’ usage model and the close working relationship between VoIP Logic’s engineering support organization and GenBand’s Level 3 support organization.

The Genband SBC technology is a widely deployed VoIP Peering system because it offers a robust combination of advanced session management features (see below) scale-ability, high availability, large user community and a specific emphasis on meeting the needs of complex routing for VoIP Peering.

Key Features

  • INTEROPERABILITY WITH MULTIPLE GATEWAYS / SOFTSWITCHES — including Cisco, Huawei, Genband G series, Sonus, Quintum, Vocaltec, etc.
  • ADVANCED ROUTING — calling plans facilitate a large variety of routing policies.
  • HIGH AVAILABILITY CONFIGURATION — allows service providers to sleep better at night.
  • LOAD BALANCING OF HIGH-VALUE RESOURCES — facilitates VoIP traffic management by monitoring and maximizing utilization of high value feature/application servers and media gateways.
  • TOPOLOGY HIDING/IP MASKING — keeps customers’ endpoints hidden from origination and termination routes.
  • CDR AGGREGATION — and streaming to any billing or reporting device.
  • DETAILED REPORTING — The S3’s Real-Time Session Manager (RSM) provides detailed information on route quality, profitability and other business and technical metrics.

Benefits of the VoIP Logic Deployment Model

  • LINK DEMAND WITH GROWTH — Carriers and service providers start with 100 concurrent call licenses and increase capacity on demand in increments of 100. Once a system is set up, the process of adding growth licenses is as simple as updating a software license file.
    • ability to stream CDRs to any third party database or billing system
    • root system accesses to be able to perform route changes, troubleshooting, call traces, etc.
  • NO HIDDEN COSTS — Hosting, IP bandwidth, power and engineering support included in managed services fee.
  • EXPERIENCED ENGINEERS — VoIP Logic engineers have over 100 years of combined GenBand SBC experience and currently support over 60 carriers and service providers using the Genband SBC. Carriers and service providers working with VoIP Logic can expect efficient, professional and rapid deployment with extensive training and available engineering and integration professional services as requested/required.
  • INCREASED CONTROL — VoIP Logic is 100% neutral VoIP Logic’s platform systems work with your choice of origination, termination, DID, E911, fraud protection, payment processors and other providers. Monitoring and routing tools give you the information required to make important decisions.