Cisco data networking hardware is widely regarded as the most reliable solution on the market in addition to being market share leaders. VoIP Logic has extensive experience with Cisco data and VoIP equipment.

Key Features

  • What kind of Cisco data networking gear does VoIP Logic use?  VoIP Logic uses the Cisco 7600 Series.  We use this carrier-class router for IP and MPLS services across the multiple Platform systems under VoIP Logic’s administrative domain.
  • Why Cisco?  We have selected Cisco routers and layer 2 switching products for our core network because they offer a full range of networking options as we have scaled – and continue to scale – our needs as a consumer of data networking technology.  Cisco has differentiated its products by delivering high performance, reliable routers that allow for scale-able service offerings to our Service Provider Partners.
    • We find Cisco technology to provide consistent and reliable performance and to offer a deep knowledge base for assessing new applications or configurations.
    • We have an experienced Cisco certified staff that finds the consistency in operation to contribute to ease of using Cisco technology.
  • How does this technology benefit VoIP Logic Service Provider Partners?  Many of VoIP Logic’s Service Provider Partners (SPPs) use Cisco data networking equipment to connect to one or multiple MPLS carriers in order to provide their end customers with managed IP bandwidth for delivery of VoIP services.  Using Cisco’s extensive suite of features like VRF, SPP’s can provide their customers multiple unique routing tables on the same router allowing for a single device to share resources across many interconnections with different requirements.

Benefits of the VoIP Logic Deployment Model

  • CAPITAL CONSERVATION. Avoid the significant cash outlay involved in purchasing new equipment.
  • MULTIPLE LOCATIONS. VoIP Logic has presence in most major data hubs in the world, and can offer a hosted solution for interconnecting with most major carriers worldwide.
  • INCREASED CONTROL — VoIP Logic is 100% neutral VoIP Logic’s platform systems work with your choice of origination, termination, DID, E911, fraud protection, payment processors and other providers. Monitoring and routing tools give you the information required to make important decisions.