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As Unified Collaboration gains steam, the computer desktop has once again become the hub of Business Communications. For Hosted VoIP Service Providers to compete successfully in the coming years, it will be critical for them to win the desktop by integrating with business productivity software.

Blog Post: Business Voice after “Peak Telephony”

For some time now, industry analysts have been predicting the demise of voice telephony service providers, and indeed, the telephony industry broadly considered. Although these early warnings of collapse may have been premature, analysis of reliable industry data by Disruptive Analytics indicates that, for most of the developed economies of western Europe, north America, and east Asia, Peak Telephony (defined as a peak in the total net amount of outbound phone traffic) occurred sometime between 2008 and 2013.

Blog Post: The Coming Debate over Unified Collaboration

The era of Unified Communication has arrived. Calls show up on our phone, mobile device and tablet. Voicemail shows up in our Email inbox as an audio file and, if we want, as a text file. WebRTC, VoLTE, computer desktop clients all are both harbingers of more unification and also tools for expanding the debate to the next step – embedding business communications deeper into business processes.