VOIP Currents

VoIP News April 7, 2016

The struggle to bring UC as-a-platform to enterprise, the impact of Millennials on UC application development and communications tech, how Mobile is eating the world, and WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption, all in this edition of VoIP Currents.

VoIP News March 10, 2016

Class action lawsuits about call-recording in California, the potential threat that Slack’s addition of video and voice chat poses for Skype for Business, a short guide on successful UC implementation for IT leaders, and more VoIP phone security issues.

VoIP News February 23, 2016

The Economist with a piece critical of collaboration tools, Microsoft’s underwater data center, Apple’s letter to the FBI, a serious Snom phone vulnerability, and 2016 predictions by Sandra Gustafsen for Cloud telecom.

VoIP News December 9, 2015

An assortment of recent news about the VoIP market: The launch of MicroSoft’s Skype for Business as a Service Provider, Contextual Data – what it is and what it means and how UC benefits productivity

VoIP News September 3, 2015

An assortment of recent news about the VoIP market: a Cisco-Apple partnership, how will RingCentral (and others) compete with Skype for business, a few use cases that show the benefits of VoIP technology.

VoIP News May 28, 2015

Two interesting annual reports that present many of the statistics indicating the progress of the global Internet (Cisco report) and the progress of businesses that leverage the global Internet (Meeker report).